My Advice On Being A Super Athlete With A Cold

A lot of videos I’ve seen focus on how you can train when you’re sick. But I think of it like saying you can go to the bank, withdraw five dollars, and then deposit the same five dollars. The question isn’t merely can you?, the question is can you be productive?

To which my answer is no.

You’re not going to have a productive of training while you’re sick, not physically and not emotionally.

Most people, athletes included, try to live in acknowledged denial of a cold – they know it’s there but their plan is to change nothing, just stack it on top of normal life and go on. There’s a mental temptation to treat injury and sickness as if they are cognizant enemies with pride of their own and you don’t want to let them beat you.

This is dumb. And you need to acknowledge that dumbness out loud to yourself.

If you have an injury you need to disrupt normal training and focus on healing the injury, make it priority 1, and you’ll come back quicker and stronger. If you ignore it because you don’t like it you’ll just drag it out and make it worse.

Well a cold is an injury. Your body needs to dedicate resources to fixing it. In fact, if you are a super athlete health psycho it’s probably overtraining that got you sick so you really need to back it off.

And if you are a super athlete health psycho you’re probably eating clean and resting well already so you’ll be over it in no time.

I know we like our suffering but it should be suffering for something. For the numbers, for the camaraderie, for the scenery, for the once in a lifetime feeling – not for making a normal day shittier just ’cause you can.

So take the excuse for a deload, maintain some dignity, pop a Halls Extra Strength and take a super hot shower, eat garlic and spicy foods, take lots of naps, and come back stronger, quicker. Endure with speed and grace rather than merely endure.

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