My First Infrared Sauna Experience

A lot of high level athletes swear by them for training-recovery and I’m always curious about new stuff in the health world, so I was excited when my beloved FloatLife (here in Calgary where I do flotation tanks biweekly) got an Infrared Sauna.

I figured I need the recovery. I did my usual 20k run Friday night then went out socially, just to get up early Saturday and go to squash and then go run with Jon for his training. My muscles were sore and my chest was tight.

Now jumping ahead it turns out that’s because I was getting a cold, which blossomed that Saturday night and I think that explains why the sauna wiped me the fuck out.

I was sweating much much more than I have in a traditional sauna and by the end I couldn’t even stay standing. When it was over, when I’d survived, I turned the shower as cold as it could go and got down on my hands and knees.

And after the shower I laid down for a long time on a deck chair, torn between feelings of wanting to go outside and wanting to go to sleep.

I didn’t feel bad acutely, but the blood pressure, air pressure, and whatever all conspired to make my body desire to be close to the ground.

I walked home a little less sore and still tight in the chest but I’d say it’s hardly a fair test of the training-recovery benefits since it was the start of 48 unbroken hours of blowing my nose.

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