The Weekly Workout

Throughout the week I was going over how I’d write this…

  • 3 banded hip abductions with resistance band
  • 3 bottom up Arnold Press Angel Wings with 10lb
  • 2 sets of 5 modified sprinter lunges with 25lbs
  • 3 front squats with 75lbs
  • 3 sets of 5 Myotatics with 10lbs, 5lbs, and empty-handed
  • and 80 kettlebell swings with 45lbs

So much gibberish.

Unlike typical banded abductions I didn’t wrap the band around my thighs, I stood on it and pulled both ends into the front rack position. I got this from Athlean-X, in fact I got the Modified Sprinter Lunge from the same video on Anterior Pelvic Tilt

The Bottom Up Arnold Press Angel Wing, describing this is my white whale this week. I’m sure there’s a yoga move that capture this completely, the arm motion is also a lot like swimming under water frog style, I realized on Monday when I was swimming underwater frog style. I was really just fooling around Sunday and came up with it and it felt good so here we go.

First the term bottom up. It comes from kettlebells. Imagine holding a briefcase at your side. Wrist, hand, handle, body of case all in a straight line. If you were to bend your elbow and raise your arm so your hand was over your shoulder and under the case the body-of-case would fall to one side or the other of your hand. If you didn’t let it fall you’d be doing a bottom up.

Now replace the case with two 10lb plates which have grip holes. (although doing this without putting one’s fingers through grip holes would be a hell of a grip test.)

And you should know what an Arnold Press is. Put your palms in front of your face then raise them overhead rotating as you go so at the end your palms are facing the same direction as you.

Angel Wings I’m guessing you can visualize what I’m thinking just by the name. Once the arms are overhead, lower them slowly down to the sides. It feels like it’s risky on the shoulders (I’ve had impingement issues on my right here and there) but focusing on external rotation and scapular retraction prevents any clicking or pressure and I got through the week feeling no worse in that area so it turned out fine. This movement seemed to just crucify my lats and my serratus anterior on my weaker side so it definitely has some benefits.

These four paragraphs of explanation brought to you by the fact that I was listening to music Sunday and compulsively do the jesus christ pose when I’m singing.

I suspect I’m getting more range of motion in my Nordic Raises (also know as natural glute ham raises, discussed in the past)

The only other thing worth (if that’s the right word) mentioning is the myos this week. Myotatic crunches are the only exercise that I have a love/hate relationship with. So inspired by the colonoscopy study (in which subjects were made more likely and willing to return to an unpleasant experience by having it go longer yet gentler at the end. look it up, Daniel Kahneman did it and it’s gets mentioned a lot. It’s why you can suffer horribly during a half-marathon then remember it so fondly later because of the feeling at the finish line) I decided to pyramid the weight down instead of up.

Maybe it feels a bit better, certainly feels good to see the form tighten up as the weight goes down but this is still an awkward, awful feeling exercise. As I’ve said in the past though it’s super effective, you will see results in your midsection really quickly and most importantly you can’t fake it and just go through the motions. Like, if you’re doing bicycle crunches and not feeling it you can leave your shoulders on the ground, not bring your knees up hard, get all your reps but not really do the work. With Myos there is no way to half ass it, it’s painful and sucky and that’s how you know it works.

For Next Week Jeff Nippard did a video on barbell shrugs that was a game changer for me. I’d done dumbbell shrugs in the past and they’re boring and not all that effective. But the barbell variations – particularly with the hands out to about 30 degrees away from the body – made my neck feel great. I started doing a set after work to get the tension out.

And I’ve got Release Push Ups written down because I want to do something for my chest while I’m only benching once a week on the (of course) Tim Ferris strength training plan.

And there we go, through another week and into the weekend.

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