Videos I Liked This Week

Tom knocked it out of the park this week. I’d been looking around so much for a guide on working out and fasting – should one schedule eating around their work out, carbs/no carbs, blah blah blah – because I fast Mondays and Mondays is also strength training day. I like to start the week off right and crank out important stuff. Anyway great vid.


Oh shout out to Tom again. This video came out last night but it was right when I needed it. All week I’ve been like man I’m bored and miss drinking and this is a nice little reminder that will stop me going ham when I first get back on the sauce.


I’m slightly into Billy Yang films these days, they’re a good way to wind down but still feel engaged with running.


I featured this series last week too and I just love it so. Brooke crushes on the crossfit work out and the other, extremely fit ladies, are left in the dust. It goes to show that singular focus can go too far and being an athlete means being diverse and adaptable.


and geologic history. Because the globe is important to running.

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