Marathon Training Update

Yesterday after work and before going out for the night I didn’t know how much time I had to kill and whaddaya do when you don’t drink? You go to the gym.

So I decided to run 10k intervals. It wound up being 2 intervals with a 3 minute walk in between but I learned a lot.

I learned the treadmills at SAIT get the Turner Classic Movie Channel with broken subtitles.

I learned how to change the display from kph to mph. Which is brilliant because it used to default to mph and most advice is written by American runners and when it default switched to kph I was lost for a while. Now I know that, yes, an 8 minute mile is no problem. A 6:50 mile though…

Which is also a 4:15 kilometer brings me to the next thing I learned. My forever pace is about 12kph which is about 5 minutes a kilometer. If I want to run a three hour marathon that needs to be 4:15 a kilometer, i.e., 14kph. Not currently sustainable.

So I’m going to keep long runs on the back burner in my training, I’m not worried about the distance. My heart rate was only rising slightly toward the end of the run which means my power output at 12kph is consistent and if I really wanted to I could run 46k at the pace and probably be fine. It’ll just take forever. Speed training, raising my V0 max and my lactate threshold (which is the point where effort is producing as much negative by-product as it’s clearing and you can efficiently go basically forever). Strength for injury prevention as well.

Endurance is my strong suit. You don’t train smart by leaning in to your strong suit.

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