I Think I Got A Touch Of The Keto Flu Yesterday

I keep it super low carb during the week – no grains, no starches – but I decided to give up fruit as well this week. The only thing that change was no morning banana.

I usually show signs of entering ketosis on Tuesday or Wednesday, I can tell – based on limited, self-diagnosing research – that my glycogen stores are depleting.

Now, I actually woke up Wednesday with a lot of energy – usually a sign of a low carb break through – but in the afternoon I just crashed. I suddenly felt like I was struggling to stay awake even though I was up and moving around, all my muscles hurt, and I was out of it – when I got home to my apartment door I first pulled out my wallet like I was going to sign in with my gym card.

I drank an electrolyte water and took a nap and felt back to baseline but it was mighty spooky. If that’s the keto flu I can see why so many people back off ketosis.

That daily banana must have been providing enough potassium to prevent the total crash from happening.

So this post has a clearer take away I’m going to say this: If You Go Low Carb, Go High Electrolyte.

Sodium, Potassium, and Magnesium. Seeds and nuts are great sources, any commercial electrolyte product is going to contain sugar, probably a lot.

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