Why I Think Everyone, Meaning You, Should Be Taking Creatine Everyday

Everyone, whether you work out routinely or not, should be taking creatine.

There’s a lot of talk about it’s benefits for the brain and anti-aging properties I’m seeing lately and I’ve read that everyone over 35 should be taking it to help prevent muscle wasting but it seems to me that everyone should also be using it for it’s baseline, intended, athletic purpose anyway.

Your muscles naturally hold about 2 grams of creatine but they can store around 5. You’re running a deficit naturally all the time because it’s not possible to get enough from dietary sources – you’d have to eat a kilogram of raw meat to get a teaspoon – so you should supplement 5mg a day.  It usually comes in a powder but I’ve heard of (and would love to find) it in pill form.

We imagine creatine is great for those of us who crank out reps but I think the exact reason you need it is you don’t do reps of the heavy things you lift.

When you pick up something heavy the first system activated is the creatine monophosphate system. It turns some ATP into ADP and then back again producing energy and contracting the muscle, this all takes place without oxygen which is good because you’re not breathing heavy before you pick up the end of a couch or something. In weight lifting the first 3 reps are coming from your creatine supply then you get into your carbs. Well all of life’s lifting – groceries, water jugs, dead bodies, whatever – is under the 3 rep range, you’re waiting and hoping for other systems to kick in and your body to warm up when you could just supplement a little creatine and move quicker and more confident through the day.

Pair that up with Qu10 and you’ve got the strength energy for whatever you’re likely to do in a day, you can live like it’s the end of pain-killer commercial all the time, gleefully dropping kids off at soccer practice and whatnot.


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