The End Of No-Run Marathon Training Month: The Run.

A little suspense; Today was first attempt at 20k in 90 minutes. I beat 19 and 19.5 previously. So did I get it…?


But what did I get…?

So to recap I took a month off running because my legs were just killing me and spent four weeks strength training. Dead lifts and box jumps, speed walking, and various detail exercises.

I could feel my legs being super powerful and after a few walks I would run for 2ish minutes just to check my form – just to shake off the fear that I’d forgotten how to run – and felt incredible.

I ran a 10k as a warm up on Tuesday and did my 90 on Thursday. I realized Thursday morning that I was not nutritionally prepared at all. I’m no-carb on weekdays and I felt myself go into ketosis Wednesday. My muscle glycogen is gone. Plus I forgot my coffee in the morning so I was even properly caffeinated.

Plus late in the work week blah blah blah, but the gym bros were in the gym so I had to put on a show.

I did the first 10k at 13.5kph. Crossed the 10 at 44 minutes and change – my best 10k so far. That’s pretty hot off the block for me normally because I wanted my 20k. I went back and forth between 13.5 and 12.5 from K10 to K18 and then inched it up and up trying to the math to get me to the finish and blow a hamstring or pass out or fall or whatever.

ten minutes and two K left at a pace of 4.26 per k I was like I’m gonna make it. But it wasn’t ten minutes, it was nine and change.¬† When doing math on the run the math is always changing before you’re done mathing and the run’s still going.

With a minute and .30ish of a K left to go I was just leaning on the button and sprinting. The tread was going up to 16kph but I don’t if the belt had actually gotten up to that speed when it hit 90 minutes and automatically stops for a cool down.

in 90 minutes, with a goal of getting 20k…

I got 19.96

Better than my previous best 90 of 19.5 but so close I’m more annoyed than proud.


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