Nitric Oxide

You want it. It gives you good blood flow. Including to your genitals.

But also for athletics and stuff. So how do you get it? Well not from L-Arginine supplements. According to this study they don’t help. Now, it’s been pointed out by the great Lisa Monsconi that when nutrients get tested they often get tested in such control and isolation that we don’t know how they may be interacting with other nutrients and foods but it doesn’t look good for the thirty dollar jar of powder I saw the other day.

And it turns out you don’t want to get your L-Arginine from animal protein. It carries increased risk of metabolic syndrome. So plant sources it is:

Pumpkin Seeds. Everything I’ve looked up in the last year has had pumpkin seeds on the list. Pumpkin seeds for the win.

Also Peanuts, Spinach, Spirulina (because spirulina has everything if you’re willing to shell out fifty bucks a jar), and Lupini beans (which we’ve also never heard of).

Nitric Oxide can also be made, but not as well, by L-Citrulline. So get your watermelon on.

And of course you want vegetable sources of nitrates like arugula and beets. Meat sources of nitrates = bad apparently. Damn you vegans for often being right!

So a spinach and arugula salad with lupini beans, watermelon, and various seeds and nuts and you’re ready for a marathon… of any kind.

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