Videos I liked This Week

I learned that lectin is bad for your intestine when I was looked up why paleo people don’t eat beans but I noticed lectin was in everything so I figured it warranted more research


So I’m including this one because I want to talk about Olsen and toxic optimism. After doing worse than expected he always spouts off about the journey, and about the people he met and loves, and about the support warming his heart, and about how – like the video – he’s tougher now. He paints every loss he paints every thing – as a kind of victory. It has that delusional fake-it-til-you-make-it, pretend to be happy or you never will be, quality to it. Juxaposed with the Great Mat Fraser saying (the year before his dominating run started) that he hates 2nd place. No bullshit about how it’s an honour to just to be there or about the journey or anything. Just I want to do better. That’s what it means to be tougher now.


This video is long and I didn’t think I’d get through it but it’s really good. A complete breakdown of every movement for the snatch.


Of course Jeff Nippard. I was waiting and hoping for a Technique Tuesday on the hip thrust. It’s gaining a lot of popularity lately and anything glutes is great for runners but I had the exact problem that he mentions that I was feeling it in my quads (and as a runner quad overtaking hamstrings is what causes hamstring injury so I don’t need more quad work) and he solved it. Plus he’s smart enough to always use his girlfriend in glute videos so props for that too. Keep your own butt out of your own videos.


Finally: I assumed binaural beats would go away, it sounds like snake oil. But Tom is on my trusted list so I’ll give it a chance I guess. He does mention that it has all the benefits of meditation which means why not just meditate and seem like less of a douche but that’s just pragmatical old me.

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