The Final Run Before The All Conditioning, No Running Month Of Training

I did my usual 90 minute run on January 31st.

I did a little warm then started the clock.

I did 11.5kph for the first 20 minutes, that’s slower than my normal start because I was still worried about my legs. And they were a little shakey but okay.

At 20 minutes I switched up to 12.5kph which is a comfortable place for me.

Then I went up to 13.5 from 40 minutes to 60 minutes which was a bit of push. It’s just over my threshold and I can feel it right away that I can’t sustain this pace forever. No pain though and my form had tightened up and I felt physically good.

I went up to 14kph for til 70 minutes then down to 13kph til 80 minutes and then just cranked it up as hard as I could bare trying to get as much distance as possible by 90 minutes.

Which turned out to 16kph in the last minutes and my limbs were going cold. But I blasted through the finish at 19.33K in 90 minutes. Which is not my best (which is 19.5K) and it’s because of the slower start.

So now it’s four week of the same morning workout every week day: Minute of toe raises on the stairs (30 seconds straight leg, 30 bent knees) then three barbell back squats with about 60 pounds. With no rack this means deadlifting it, cleaning it, overhead pressing it, back racking it, then squatting it 3 times and reversing that process so it’s a good full body thing. I do that superset 3 times then I cap it off with 75 kettlebell swings with the 45lb KB.

I throw some other things like lat raises in there too but that is the core daily morning work. At the gym I’ll be doing a speedwalk, deadlifts and box jumps superset, and bike intervals 3 times a week. Plus some long rows and some swims.

Plus some bench pressing and my usual flurry of pull ups which is outside of the run training.

So that’s the set up and I’ll check in mid month and do a month end 90 minute run and report how I feel.


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