Why You Should Train Fasted Even Though Metabolically It Makes No Difference

So, training fasted doesn’t have the benefits we’d like it to. People who train fasted don’t train as hard and then eat more throughout the day. We don’t see net-positives in training fasted.

Luckily I bought into the idea of training fasted though, I probably never would have ingrained the running habit if I hadn’t.

If I need to get something done I know the only 100% sure way to get it done is to do it first. I was more than a procrastinator in my youth, I could intend to do something Monday and immediately put it off til the weekend. Then come the weekend… put it off til Monday.

And having things hanging over you undone feels awful but then the not-doing has all the inertia and you feel helpless and powerless then might as well start drinking.

So when I wanted to take up running I bought the stupidest looking running clothes I could find (which I’ll explain in another post) and first thing when I woke up all I had to do was put them on. Then, because I believed there was value in training fasted I think well, if I want to eat I have to run. I added the rule that I couldn’t open my laptop either because it would just drain all my focus and motivation.

Many a day I came downstairs, dressed in my stupid running gear, and sat blankly in the kitchen for 20 minutes before getting my headphones on (same playlist every time, very important), going to my stretching area, and getting out the door.

If I’d told myself that I just needed some breakfast first and that it was okay to check the internet (in case the internet has changed) and I had all day to get to the run then I’d never end up doing it.

Saying “I can’t do Y or Z until I’ve done X” is a great way to be accountable, it’s Spartan – you don’t hunt, you don’t eat.

And take the time to notice how you feel when you’re doing Y or Z (watching TV, drinking, surfing the net, eating indulgent food) when you haven’t done X (worked out, made important phone call, paid bills). You feel it hanging over you, in front of you, blocking out most of the enjoyment of whatever you’re doing to try and take your mind off of things.

Next take stock of how you feel after you’ve done all your shit and can actually relax, actually enjoy a show, actually indulge in some culinary pleasure.

So train hungry and every time your hunger asserts itself it’s just a reminder to train harder. Then when you’ve left no doubt and earned your Done Shit badge for the morning think of your old self and say I get more done before breakfast than you do all day.

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