Videos I Liked This Week

Just nothing to do with fitness… not sorry though.

Let’s open with something cheerful before we get to Contrapoints and then a video about Contrapoints.

You should watch videos like 5 Minutes Of Gal Gadot Laughing or cute puppies or whatever just to stay sane.


And on to Contra’s (aka Natalie Wynn) amazingly honest video about incels. Sympathetic and condemning, identifying with and admitting that they are a black box.


Followed by Blaire’s video discussing Contra’s brutal dismissal from the sacred woke halls of Twitter over sharing a thought. And Blaire takes it to a personal place too and shares her own complicated and totally sincere path through her own community. And that’s what I realize now I like in these individuals, they’re sincere and sincerety gets a little messy – it’s easier for douche bags to hammer home dogma because it feels pure than to be honest about how complicated things feel.


Okay, one thing Fitness related. Look how much power he gets into a forward knee! I watch the occasional MMA video because that’s more the physique I want than body building and I’m always looking for more power and explosive-based exercises.


Now hopefully this sucks you in as much as it did me. CaptainSauce is a gamer channel and he does lots of hilarious stuff like games where you need a clown to sign insurance forms while jumping to it’s death, or games where the world is ending so you just run around shooting everyone you can. But then he also gets so sucked in and sensitive to text on a screen and the ethical and mental health concerns the game brings up.


Another long video so I’ll wrap this up, if you watch any of these you’ll be down your own rabbit holes anyway. So I got into BroScienceLife and the character of Dom Mazzetti as created and played by Mike Tournabene. Just like getting into a new band I absorbed the back catalogue and the behind the scenes stuff like it was my sacred duty. Music fandom is dead, long live comedy-writer fandom. Anyway there’s a gap in the the Bro universe a few years ago and a bit of talk about how Mike was going to get to take the character to the next level but there’s nothing out there about what happened – or really, didn’t happen. The thread just dies and Dom comes back a few years later.

Well he finally talks about it on this podcast and it gets into exactly what happened with the failed pilot (I watched it, it was… watchable. And nothing more.) and then into the nature of hopes and expectations and, for a comedian and a meat head, it gets real about living with disappointment and carrying on.


From Couch To Spartan Sprint – Exercise 10.2

Running time again.


Any – literally any – interval is a good interval.

What matters is rest. You can do same rest, half rest, or double rest. You probably want to start with double rest so, obviously, whatever your interval was you rest for twice that long.

And the shorter the interval the harder you want to run. Like, if you’re doing 2 minutes it’ll be a 7 out of 10 on the effort scale, if it’s 30 seconds – go 10 out of 10.

You should be running twice a week at this point. One longer, slower run and one interval session.

It’s important to remember that running (and getting wet I guess) is the one thing you can’t avoid at Spartan. Anything else you can fail and do burpees but it’s not like you’re going to walk the whole course. It would take forever. And I’d fucking disown you.

So it’s the tenth commandment of Spartan training – thou shall run.

From Couch To Spartan Sprint – Exercise 8.2


It’s on the pull up bar but it’s a rope climb work out.

Really just get hanging with bent elbows and practice raising your legs. Knees to Elbows and eventually just for a Spartan Bonus, Toes to Ceiling.

Because the core work is the neglected piece of the rope climb masterpiece. You can get on a rope with bent elbows and lock your feet in but if after that you still try and climb with your hands you’re still gonna have a bad time.

After you grab the rope you bring your knees to your chest, lock the feet, and stand up. You push down on the rope with your feet and shimmy up your hands up. Once you’re fully stood up you release the feet, bring knees to chest and lock them in again and repeat.

In a good rope climb your hands are doing as little work as possible because no matter what they will be the most taxed.

Videos I Liked This Week

I almost made an addendum to last week’s video round up because right after I published it I discovered ContraPoints. Totally coincidence that someone mentioned their friends listen to ContraPoints and using new slang they don’t understand on Twitter and I figured Contrapoints was a rap group but then YouTube slumped together a beauty column that had make up tips from a ballerina and this video.

I get the new slang problem.

Contra is brilliant, honest, comedic, insightful, academic, street, strong, vulnerable, and straightforward about her own confusion. I recommend any video she’s put out in the last year.

and here’s that Ballerina video because I found it likeable too. Although I was shocked in the comments to find out she’s considered to have started tragically late at age 11.


And this video I’ve also been sitting on waiting to talk about for 6 days (which in internet time is roughly a decade). Because I wanted to do a video about training like One Punch Man and the things it would lack, then this hombre says everything I was going to say and a whole lot more in a video that looks better than any video I’ll make for years. So I tip my hat to the master:


I usually put music stuff at the end but there’s so many videos to get through I don’t want to organize anything.

I used to watch this video multiple times a day. In the pre-YouTube era where I’d actually downloaded it.

I desperately wanted to be a rockstar when I was young but not for the artifice, for the real nuts-and-bolts behind-the-scenes stuff. I loved photos and videos of musicians in-studio doing the work.


Followed by – this is just Shoe being lovable.


Some neat history


Literally any Wes Watson video. It’s fun that I’m still picking up prison slang from him and now a bunch of trans slang from ContraPoints at the same time. It’s a wide world on the Tubes.


A little nostalgia fest from Todd In The Shadows: my step-dad loved Cyberpunk, it was one of the only albums he owned. And I had no idea what The Mummer’s Dance was until I heard the first note and thought oh right, the album that every mother in North America was issued when I was young.


In more time-wasting news, Liv watches this guy’s videos all the time and I finally got sucked down the rabbit hole as well. On her last day off we got bakery treats and ended up watching videos for 5 hours.


Back on a serious track: This is problem I can relate to, I’m always hankering for some snacks in the evening.


And back to time-wasting: Echo Charles mentioned this guy once on the Jocko Podcast and yes, it turns out he is funny.


And we’ll wrap up with more ALL OBSTACLE videos. Which aren’t time-wasting if they help you with the first commandment: Stay Inspired.